Lordos United Plastics is a company that for decades has specialized in the production of high quality waste bags made of plastic materials for any type of litter. Our Company is engaged in the production of bags and plastic packaging for many different uses, serving both the local market and industrial companies throughout the world.

Lordos United Plastics with its interleaved technology and its specialty in drawstring have the potential to produce both Low Density (LD) and High Density (HD) waste bags that are aromatic and come in a variety of colors and sizes. All our drawstring bags are on a roll and packed under high definition printed paper band where you can find all the information about the bag.

Lordos United Plastics is a flexible company that can custom deliver in many different sizes and widths (From 400 mm to 1150 mm) of waste bags according to the client’s needs. The quality of our waste bags is ensured as our bags are passed through a strict testing procedure to make sure they fulfill the criteria of the highest quality standards.

- Characteristics -

Our Oxo biodegradable waste bag lines come with a handy strong drawstring that allows Lordos United Plastics to manufacture an environmental and eco-friendly bag in respect to nature. We offer a wide range of tailor-made waste bags with a variety of sizes and thicknesses suitable for plenty of uses.

The drawstring system offers many advantages as it is fast to close, easy to be transported and very hygienic because the drawstring at the top of the bag allows the user limited contact with the waste.


This line includes waste bags that are produced with both recycled and virgin materials. The production range includes plenty of sizes and thicknesses suitable for small and big containers. The reinforced bottom sealing allows the production of a very strong waste bag with minimal leakage.

The star sealed bags are produced with both recycled and virgin materials, are created without gussets and are sealed in a single spot. The star sealing enables better weight distribution and an increase in strength. Furthermore, a star sealed bag limits leakage and once the bag is closed with a knot, it can hold very heavy or wet trash. The unique design also allows it to conform to any size trash bin with ease.
Bottom Sealed

The most basic way to seal a waste bag is a straight flat seal; a two-dimensional bag with a bottom seal (think of a pillow case). Flat seals are generally resistant to leaks. This line includes all kinds of waste bags for separated waste collection, for each container trash bin size, from large sizes suitable for houses to the smallest size suitable for apartments, with different thicknesses according to different uses, in different colors.

The interleaved bags are separated from each other after perforation and then winded – each bag overlaps the previous one. This saves time as with the interleaf technology you can pull a waste bag from the roll immediately with one hand as they are already separated from the rest of the waste bags in the roll.