When it comes to work that involves the protection of products, wrapping products together, keeping goods safe for transport or other more specialized work like Green Housing, then, Stretch films, Shrink films and Coversheets are employed. Lordos United Plastics offers a wide selection of these films in various sizes and is committed to research and production of cutting-edge films that bring real value to our clients in everyday applications.

Our products are designed to provide quality solutions to a variety of industries including construction and agriculture. Produced with both recycled and virgin materials Lordos United Plastics Cover Sheets are heavy duty polyethylene films with a thickness up to 300μm and a width up to 2,40m lay flat. The Coversheets can also be UV stabilized, depending on the client’s requirements.

Stretch film
The Lordos United Plastics Fiber Films are Reinforced Stretch Films in the area of innovative flexible packaging. The Lordos Stretch films  is specifically designed for Machine and Manual applications as to make the pallet wrapping process effortless. It offers high pallet load stability whilst it costs less than other high performance stretch film for machine and manual use in the market.Stretch film is a stretchable plastic film that is used for wrapping products together e.g. on a pallet for storage or for transportation purposes.  The film can be stretched, providing elasticity that holds the products tightly together. Stretch film can come in a variety of specialty films to suit each application; depending on our clients’ needs and it is even appropriate for different surfaces.  This wrapping is secure and protects products from dust and moisture. 

Advantages of Machine/Manual Film:
- Less Cost per Pallet - Value for Money
- Excellent Stabilization of the pallet load
- Easy Stretching - Easy Unwinding - Easy Finding of film edge
- Damage proof Edges - Tear Resistant
- Light Roll - User Friendly
- Less Material Used - Less Waste

Shrink film

Shrink wrap film is made from high strength LDPE material which gives great resistance against puncture and tear propagation, outstanding toughness and high holding stability that results to perfect shaped packaging. This type of film is usually employed to protect a single product or to tightly combine smaller items together as it is covered loosely around a product or load and it shrinks tightly when heat is applied.